Minutes from July 16, 2017

 Green Party of New Milford

Minutes – Organizational Meeting #6

Sunday, July 16, 2017, 4:00 PM; at 25 Summit Street, New Milford, CT 06776

  • The meeting started at 4:19 PM.
  • Members in attendance: Ron Suresha (Chairman), Rocco Russo, Colin Cogle (Secretary), Joseph DeGregorio (Treasurer), John Battista, Justine McCabe (facilitating)
  • Old business:
    • Motion from Colin, seconded by Joe, to accept the minutes from the previous meeting () as-is; passed unanimously.
    • The remainder of the meeting was conducted via consensus instead of Robert’s Rules of Order, with Ron asking Justine to perform facilitator duties. This was to serve as our consensus training.
    • Elections were held:
      • Ron Suresha was nominated for Organizational Chair. Consensus was to accept.
      • Colin Cogle was nominated for Secretarial Chair. Consensus was to accept.
      • Joseph DeGregorio was nominated for Financial Chair. There was discussion on attendance requirements for officers, but there was consensus to accept given that a written report would be sufficient in most cases.
    • The drafts of the by-laws and mission statement were reviewed as a group.
      • The by-laws read that the chairperson shall act as facilitator. While it is assumed that the chairperson can pass off that duty, that clause will be removed.
      • Quorum, as defined in the by-laws, is mandatory when voting is required.
      • The clauses concerning district representation were removed.
      • The clause concerning the number of people on the New Milford Green Town Committee was removed.
      • The clause concerning our continuing status as an active chapter of the Connecticut Green Party was removed.
      • There was consensus to table voting until the next meeting.
    • Finances:
      • $130.09 cash on hand after various purchases related to Village Fair Days.
      • Thank you to John for subsequently donating $50 cash.
      • Now that the group has an official treasurer, the cash box was presented to him (Joe).
    • Reports from our public servants:
  • New business, all Village Fair Days:
    • Thursday night setups do not appear to be happening this year. Friday’s staff will need to prepare that morning.
    • We have tables, tablecloths, chairs, tents, and supplies. Lighting should be provided by the venue, but Joe will bring some just in case.
    • Soliciting outside of one’s booth is expressly prohibited.
    • A thank-you from Ron, on behalf of the entire group, to John and Justine for paying for our booth in full, and a thank-you to all of our cash donors, without whom, purchasing liability insurance would have been impossible.
    • Handouts and flyers:
      • We will print our “official” cards.
      • Colin found many brochures, cards, articles, and other handouts from the CT Green Party’s and Green Party USA’s sites. We read through most of them and commented on what we would bring.
      • Joe will provide stands for some of the printed slogans.
      • There was consensus to focus our handouts on local and current issues, such as single-payer healthcare, peaceful foreign policy, etc.
      • Joe will handle the bulk of the printing.
    • Fracking waste ban
      • GPNM issued an official thank-you to The Committee to Ban Fracking Waste from New Milford, Food & Water Watch, 350CT, and everyone involved.
      • Jennifer Siskind will be joining us to spread the word, as area towns may be inspired to pursue similar bans.
    • We made the decision to replace our New Milford Greens banner with a GPNM banner, with GPUSA’s Ten Key Values on the side. Rocco graciously offered to cover the cost.
    • Partially for printing purposes, Colin offered to purchase a domain for the group. No decision was made at the meeting.
  • The meeting adjourned at 6:39 PM.

Minutes submitted by Colin Cogle, secretary, to be ratified at our next meeting, August 6, 2017.