Town Council to Discuss Fracking Waste Ban

New Milford Town Hall

In the weeks prior, 164 registered New Milford voters signed the petition to ban fracking waste from polluting our town. That was the first step.

Now, the Mayor and the New Milford Town Council are meeting to either pass this ordinance, or send it to a town vote. The proposition comes before them at the next Town Council meeting on Monday, July 10th at 7:00 PM at New Milford Town Hall.  Please attend!

Why Attend: The only current way to protect our community is to pass a local law banning this toxic radioactive fracking waste from entering our town. The state of New York and twenty Connecticut towns have already passed bans because the chemicals and radioactivity in fracking waste are known to cause breast cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer, lymphoma and leukemia, multiple organ damage, neurological and developmental problems and birth defects.

Please mark your calendar and ask friends and family to attend with you. Just as many of you rallied against the Panda power plant, a large turnout to this meeting is needed to ensure council members pass this ordinance.