Minutes from April 2, 2017

Green Party of New Milford

Minutes — Organizational Meeting #3

Sunday, April 2, 2017; 4:00 PM25 Summit Street, New Milford, CT 06776

Members Present

  • Ron Suresha (Chair)
  • Dr. Rocco Russo
  • Joe DeGregorio
  • Colin Cogle (recording)

Old business:

New business:

  • Next meeting (May 7) will feature a modified consensus tutorial.
  • Drafting of group by-laws:

  • Town Committee:

    Officer elections for the calendar year have been postponed until the next meeting.

  • Money:

    Joe will evaluate small local and online banks, and report back at the next meeting.

  • Candidates:

    Joe will research requirements such as registration dates and deadlines. If signatures are required, we can collect them.

  • Committee seats:

    Ron is meeting with Mayor Gronbach on April 6 regarding a seat on the Historic Properties Committee.

  • Platform/activism:

    • Joe to research possible Earth Day events with Parks & Rec.
    • Ron to research getting a table at Village Fair Days (July 2930), and report back at the next meeting.
  • Democratic Socialists of America

    • Western Connecticut Democratic Socialists founded recently.
    • Ron will be our ambassador to the DSA Meetup at The Iron Rail, 10 Railroad Street, New Milford, CT 06776Logo(860) 799-5606 on April 5.
  • Facebook group

  • Mailing list?

    Colin will research services such as Riseup.

  • Web site:

Next meeting

  • Still on the first Sunday of the month; and June 4.
  • July’s meeting is pushed back a week to July 9 due to the holiday.

Motion by Rocco to adjourn, seconded by Joe; approved unanimously.

These minutes are also available as a PDF.