Minutes from January 29, 2017

New Milford Greens

Minutes – Organizational Meeting #2

Sunday, January 29, 2017, 4:00 PM
25 Summit Street, New Milford, CT 06776


  • Ron Suresha (Chair)
  • Colin Cogle
  • Stacy Small-Scott
  • Tim Scott
  • Marianne Soldner
  • Joe DeGregorio
  • John Battista
  • Justine McCabe
  • Dr. Rocco Russo
  • Michael Jay


Group business and operations:

  • Motion to enact modified consensus: Michael motioned to replace Robert’s Rules of Order with modified consensus. Seconded by Joe. Passed via unanimous voice vote.
  • Town or regional committee? Consensus in favor of staying a town committee.
  • Requirements:
    • Mission statement, platform, and by-laws submitted to the town.
    • Financial disclosure to the state.
    • Officers:
      • Acting chairperson: Ron volunteered, Joe seconded. Consensus in favor.
      • Joe volunteered to be treasurer. No vote taken at this meeting.
      • Colin volunteered to be treasurer, with Joe as secretary. No vote taken at this meeting.
  • Income/expenses:
    • 30 postcards and stamps sent out for this meeting.
    • Need to pay for a postal box, website, email service; need a bank account.
    • Ideas for income sources?
      • Sell New Milford Greens and Green Party merchandise (e.g., shirts, caps)
      • Potluck dinner, maybe open to the public?
      • Members donated $162 in cash.
  • Town commission positions and openings were discussed. Many are appointments or alternate appointments, and some are defunct or meet infrequently.

Current issues facing our town:

  • Discussion about the solar project and its clear-cutting of 60 acres of old-growth forest.
  • Petition the town to declare itself a sanctuary city. Work with the clergy to gather signatures, especially at Mayor Gronbach’s church.

Priorities for this year:

  • Get Greens onto town committees and commissions (immediate and ongoing).
  • Support Joe DeGregorio in his run for town council this year.
  • Write letters to The Spectrum and The News-Times.
  • Voter registration drives (e.g., “Greens on the Green”, booth at Town Fair Days).
  • Something for Earth Day: spring cleanup, voter registration?
  • Sponsor bike racks downtown and on the greenway.
  • Sponsor a bill banning fracking and/or fracking waste.
  • Influence green and conservation-friendly construction codes.

Future meetings

  • Next meeting (+potluck!) planned for Sunday, March 5, 4 – 6pm, 25 Summit Street.
  • We have reserved the senior center basement, pending insurance, for: April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2; times TBD

Minutes submitted by Colin Cogle, New Milford Greens
Minutes ratified on

These minutes and the meeting handouts are also available as a PDF.